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We help events and companies to
visualise what they have to offer, so they can show their market who they are. 


After Movie Heroes Dutch Comic Con
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After Movie Heroes Dutch Comic Con
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After Movie Tomocon Oss 2022
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After Movie Tomofair Utrecht 2022
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Heroes Made in Asia After Movie
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After Movie Bakkersvak en IJsvak 2023
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Get more value from your video

An event is always over before you know it, so how beter to enjoy it afterwards than with a great after movie to relive the event? But an after movie is more than that. It's a tool that can be used as promotion for your next event to attract more visitors or more exhibitors.  

Video is the perfect tool for this. Also think of short clips that you can use though out the year to stay visible on social media or testimonials from exhibitors and visitors that have great things to say about your event.  

Would you like to showcase your business or stand at an event? Let us make an after movie of your experience with an impression of what it was like to visit your company there.  

A short recap of your event is a great way to attract future customers. Proof of previous success can be just the thing to push somebody over the edge. 


Let us make your after movie to convince your clients of the value of your product

Arno Tessers Productions would love to come by and help with this. 

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Arno Tessers

I am Arno and as long as I can remember I've been interested in photography and filming. As a little boy of 6 years old I would borrow my mom's camera when I would go somewhere where I could take photos. Later this became my grandpa's Cam-corder that would travel with me so I could document everything.  

From vacation films to school trips, to short movies and feature films. My interest goes out to anything related to film. I love capturing everything and with an eye for detail I try and make everything into something special. 

By making short compilations of school trips and vacation videos I could practice a lot for making after movies. Now I film conventions and events and make short compilation after movies of that. Feel free to contact me if you'd like me to make an after movie of your event. 

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Every time we see Arno at one of our events we get a big smile on our face. And the videos do the same thing. The combination of enthousiasm and background information works very well. We do consider Arno as an EPIC Family member.   

-Perry Bakker - EpicRuns
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We wanted and got a cool, sporty and great quality video where the important factors of the Urban Haring Run were featured. The positive 'can do' mentality of Arno can be called very special.  

-Wout van DoorenEventmanager Stichting Urbanfit 
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The commercial videos were great and definitely helped to sell more products. 

-Team Koanna



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